Behind the Scenes

Various times throughout my life I've been told, by now friends, that when they first met me I was intimidating or seemed like I had the perfect life.

I laugh when hearing these things and am quick to assure them that not only is there nothing to be intimidated by, but my life is far from perfect. And the funny part is I know there are people that I look at this same way, and have to remind myself to not put anyone but Jesus on a pedestal.

Admittedly, there are times when I wish this were true and intentionally try to ensure I come across as put-together. It's nice to imagine I make all the right choices, there's no pain in my past, I'm totally confident, sinless and the perfect woman/wife/friend/teammate. I never mess up, I do everything perfectly the first time around and just have a knack for all I try.

Ha. It's so far from reality that to write it out highlights the absurdity.

I make mistakes daily. I hurt peoples' feelings. I don't always believe the best in others. I get angry and want to cuss when I'm losing a game. I'm critical and prideful.

And the only difference between myself and the rest of the world putting on the same facade is Jesus Christ. For those of us that have made the decision to confess our "yuck" to Him, realize our need for a Savior and believe that Jesus is indeed the only way to God, we're graciously granted forgiveness from our sinfulness and shortcomings.

While I far from have it all together, I'm not saying I'm a wrecked car, either. I truly love my life--I feel blessed every morning to wake up next to the man in my life who I get to call my hubs and best friend, for the amazing apartment we live in filled with plenty of food, hot water and heat, for the friends I have all around the world, the incredible ministry I get to be a part of here in Slovenia, and the holy God I call my friend.

So the next time you see a picture I post or read a blog I write, remember that it's coming from a broken, imperfect person just like you. And you're only one decision away from experiencing the grace of God that's given me unshakeable joy.



Twenty-something follower of Jesus, wife to my best friend, aspiring kitchenista, and lover of handwritten type, all things coffee, traveling and baked goods. Currently in the United States until my husband and I move back to Ljubljana, Slovenia, where we are missionaries with Cru.