Cleaning 101

Recently, I posted about the overhaul job I did cleaning our house at the start of the year. To maintain what I did initially, I created a weekly cleaning schedule. There are certain chores that just happen naturally everyday or on an as-needed basis: taking the trash out, doing the dishes, etc. But then there are what seems a hundred other things that need cleaned or attended to, and trying to do them in a day just overwhelms me. I've seen some cleaning schedules that have tasks to do every single day, to spread it out over the week. Personally, that's not my favorite method. While certain things will need done daily (see above) I just don't want to spend every day of the week cleaning in some capacity. A girl needs a break, ya know?

So I take one day each week to more a more thorough cleaning on the homestead. Here's what I do:

Final Cleaning Schedule (mine)
Final Cleaning Schedule (mine)

Here's a copy for you to use, with added blank check boxes so you can personalize it!

What's your cleaning routine?



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