7 Tips on Using Instagram

Instagram is easily one of my favorite and most often checked outlets for social media. I love seeing people's lives in action. And a picture truly can capture a moment with so few, if any, words needed. You can see my Instagram reel here.


That being said, I've acquired some personal preferences and opinions when it comes to the use of Instagram. If you've never posted a picture before or don't know where to begin, here's a starting point.

Here are a few (personal) tips for how best to use Instagram:

  • Use quality pictures. They don't need to be fancy or taken with a high-tech camera (I use my iPhone exclusively) but at the very least they should be in-focus and straight. Even if it's a picture with Beyoncé, I'd avoid posting it if it's blurry.
  • Stick to one, maybe two pictures per day. Or at least spread them out over the day. While Facebook is great for uploading many photos at a time, Instagram is more of the quick highlight reel. Feel free to post pictures taken previously at a later day. I.e., #latergram. You're under no obligation to post every day, either.
  • Don't feel the need to always use a frame or a filter.
  • Capture all different types of images. Pictures of people are nice, but so are ones of scenery, traveling, food, coffee, crafts, designs, etc. This will be more of a person-to-person preference. For example, I love following some of my favorite food bloggers because they post pictures that look good enough to eat. And I dig that. It's ok to have a niche, but switch it up now and then.
IG Collage
IG Collage
  • Tag your location, particularly if you're traveling or at a new spot. It keeps your caption from being too long and allows people to click on it and see where you are in the world. That being said, I wouldn't tag your location if you're at home or somewhere people could stalk you.
  • This one may cause some disagreement, but don't make your profile private. Unless you're a young person or perhaps living in a closed location, or have other unusual circumstances, it's more inviting for others to follow you when it's public. If someone creepy starts liking your pictures and being strange, you can block them and they will no longer be able to see your pics.
  • Pick a username that people will know and understand. Stick to your name in some form, without numbers if possible. Although I'm sure there are many @jsmith's out there. If you have a company that's a big deal or you're trying to advertise, you can use that, try incorporating it into your name or consider making a separate account. In your profile, you can also link to your blog/website.
IG Profile
IG Profile

Bonus > my favorite photography app:

  • Snapseed - This. Is. The. Bomb. It straightens, clarifies, crops, amps up colors, fixes shadows, and likely a million other things I don't even know. And it's free. Download it here.

What are your thoughts? Other tips you'd add? Any you disagree with?