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Pumpkin Spelt Muffins

As intentional as I try to be, sometimes browsing the web gets the best of my time. There are days when that leads to some great finds (see below) and others that feel a bit more wasteful. With everyone complaining and ranting talking about the weather, I'll switch up the topic and give you something fun to do (and eat) while you're enduring it. Unless you're like my sister and bro-in-law enjoying summer in Australia, in which case, enjoy the warmth!

Here's a look into my digital world this past week:

  1. Whipped up these Pumpkin Spelt Muffins via 100 Days of Real FoodThey were so (sorry for the people who hate this word) moist, flavorful and addictive. 
  2. Started using Bloglovin' to keep track of blogs I read. I formerly used Google Reader (which is on its way out) but wasn't a big fan of the layout, and honestly never ended up using it much. The setup of Bloglovin' is simpler and easier.
  3. Read this excerpt from Pastor Judah Smith's new Book "Jesus Is: Find a New Way to be Human" (via Relevant Magazine) and was challenged to change my way of thinking.
  4. Saturday was craft day at the Shirkman's. We'd been hankering to make this since I saw it on Pinterest. It has greatly and easily enhanced photos for our blogs (see muffin picture below). Thanks, Flax & Twine, for sharing.

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What were your favorite finds on the Internet this past week?