Pins Gone Right | Food Edition

Despite the fact that I'm just a little bitter about Pinterest not making it big until after I planned my wedding, I'm still a faithful user of this digital bulletin board. As much as I enjoy browsing and re-Pinning, I equally, if not more so, enjoy trying them out for myself. You can see all of my pins here. Here are a few of my favorite pins that turned out well:

1. Island Pork Tenderloin | Little B Cooks

  • Review: This sweet and spicy, tender, juicy recipe gives humdrum pork a new claim to fame. The combo of ingredients sounds a little strange, but your taste buds will explode from the perfect balance of flavors. One of the hub's favorite meals.
  • Tweaks: I've made this numerous times now and used both regular and dark brown sugar. While the taste is very similar, I prefer the dark brown sugar as it creates more of a glaze than a liquidy sauce.
island pork tenderloin

2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip | Chocolate-covered Katie

  • Review: People's minds are blown when I trick them into trying this and then reveal what it contains. As a former very picky eater, I wouldn't have gone near this dip at hearing the main ingredient, and boy would I have been missing out. Serve with some graham crackers, or just eat with a spoon. So delicious.
  • Tweaks: I add a little more peanut butter and it usually takes me about 3 TBS of milk. I always add the oats, and ease up on the brown sugar so I can go crazy with choco chips.

3. New York Style Bagels | Rachel Schultz

  • Review: My now blog-famous friend, Rachel Schultz, posted this recipe and I had to try it. While it is a long process from start to finish, it isn't difficult and is more than worth it. The texture of these bagels is perfection, with a golden brown, lightly crisp exterior and a warm, doughy interior.
  • Tweaks: Plan ahead and either aim for a late brunch, or getting up really early to prepare these for breakfast. I did take the chef's advice and leave these puppies plain. I was amazed at how flavorful the bread flour makes these. The only improvement would have been making and eating these with her =)
ny bagels

What are your favorite Pinterest recipes you've tried?