The Secret to Cutting Brownies

Close Up With Knife + Brownies Cut

I'm always on the hunt for new advice or helpful tips in the kitchen. Who isn't? One baked good that I thoroughly enjoy making and have since I was little is brownies. Now, being in Europe, not having Betty Crocker boxes has allowed me to venture out on my own in making brownies and boy, am I glad it did. As Americans, we can get so accustomed to the quick-paced, convenience lifestyle and miss out on good ol' homemade cooking. I learned this tip years ago and it has been a life brownie-saver ever since. I've been dying to share this with you, and it also gave me an excuse to whip up a batch of my favorite pumpkin chocolate chunk brownies.

Ever had that warm, gooey pan of chocolate come out of the oven, go to cut it, and then become frustrated when half the pan seems to cling to that knife or spatula? Want a tip that will revolutionize your brownie-eating experience?

Use a plastic knife. 

Knives Ariel View
Brownies on Plate

For real. This is the difference between neatly cut (and whole) brownies versus crumbles. Not that it doesn't taste just as good. But it will make your life way easier! It doesn't matter if the brownies are still hot or cooled, plastic knives are magical.

Ok, I know these brownies are cut in the least symmetrical way possible, that's what happens when you're without a proper 8x8 pan and use the lid of a roasting pan instead. But aren't those edges so smooth?

All Cut with Knife

What's your best tip for baking or cooking?