The Immediate + The Ultimate

Quote: Louie Giglio | © Niki Shirkman

Quote: Louie Giglio | © Niki Shirkman

Waiting. It's a hard thing. For many seasons in my life, I was always anticipating the next thing. In high school I couldn't wait for the freedom of college. Then I couldn't wait to be done with school. I loved dating my husband and then all I thought about was getting married. C'est la vie. But one theme I can see in my life is that of perseverance, no matter how delayed it may have been. From the time I was little, I've had this yearning that God had something great in store for my life, that there was a plan more wonderful than my little mind could even begin to imagine.

When Jesus went to the cross, He took every sin on Himself, bearing the full-weight of God's wrath. We deserved it, and yet He endured it. And not only did He die, but His resurrection brought with it incredible hope for our lives here and now.

Imagine that it's your birthday and I made you this gigantic, chocolatey, warm, gooey cake (or insert your favorite toppings, fillings, flavors). I can't wait to have you over, sing "happy birthday" and then let you partake of the yummy dessert I created for you.

That afternoon, your sweet-tooth is hankering to be fed. You know what the night has in store for you, but you swing through the gas station and pick up some Little Debbie powdered sugar donuts. It gives you a stomach ache and you end up sick for the rest of the night, ruining your appetite for your favorite dessert.

It's so similar in our lives with Jesus. We settle for the immediate satisfaction instead of waiting for the ultimate fulfillment. But, my friends, Jesus' death and resurrection were meant for way more than that. They weren't so you would settle for mediocre, but rather meant to give you hope in persevering for what eternity beholds.