Links I Loved

Links I Loved IMG.001
  1. Met a new blogging friend, Caroline, at Musings in Montage and am loving her posts. This girl can write! Such bold, challenging, truth-spitting words that encourage me in my relationship with Christ. Here's one of her recent posts and a favorite of mine.
  2. This potato soup recipe. Mmm, mmm good. The man and I love this with crisp bacon stirred in and homemade biscuits or bread on the side. I actually 1/4 the recipe, and it still makes a ton. Healthier than most recipes I've seen for potato soup. Still not the best health wise, but it is super cheap to make. Courtesy of Tips From a Typical Mom.
  3. Lifehacker, full of fun, random, helpful tips on darn near everything. For those of us list-loving people, here's a good guideline to use.
  4. Ana was also at the Kinfolk Workshop and it was wonderful to meet her. She has a great blog, Fensišmensi (Slovene spelling of "fancy shmancy", so clever) with fantastic photography. It's written in both Slovene and English. Check out her recent (beautiful!) pictures from her time in Bali.

What are some interesting posts or neat ideas you've seen recently?