Apple Butter Grilled Cheese


Jordan and I did a really new and innovative thing this time of year–went apple picking. I know, I know, it's totally a crazy idea! It was my week to plan a date for us and I'd always wanted to do this. We went to a place about 40 minutes away, it seemed better than the nearest one to us. 

Our options for the amount of apples to pick? Just one–a half bushel, or 22 POUNDS. That's a lot of apples, kids. But we picked our hearts out and had a great time doing it on a beautiful sunny day. 


Since then, I've been doing all I can to incorporate apples into our daily diet. Apple crisp. Apple muffins. Apples with almond butter. Apples on salads. Apple sauce. Apple butter.

Oh ya, and that last one? I decided to slather it on some whole wheat bread with havarti cheese and thinly sliced apples and eat the best grilled cheese of my life. 

Apple Butter Grilled Cheese | via Frame of Reference


Apple Butter Grilled Cheese 
recipe for half a sandwich 

One slice wheat bread (I used Ezekiel Bread) 
Homemade apple butter (or store bought)
Half of an apple, thinly sliced (I used Empire)
One slice of havarti cheese

  1. Heat skillet on stove to medium heat
  2. Slice bread in half diagonally
  3. Spread thin layer of butter on outsides of each piece of bread
  4. On the inside (non-buttered) side of a slice, smooth on your desired amount of apple butter
  5. Layer apples on top of the apple butter to cover it
  6. On the other slice of bread, place the havarti cheese
  7. Place the slices together and set in the skillet
  8. Allow to cook on each side for 2-3 minutes. Flip. Ensure each side is golden brown and cheese is melted.

The sweetness of the apple butter, the tartness of the apple and saltiness of the cheese make for a mouth-watering experience. I enjoyed mine along side a small spinach salad.

Any favorite ways you glam up the basic grilled cheese?