Precious Jesus

Precious Jesus | Copyright Niki Shirkman via Frame of Reference

 Jordan and I recently had dessert with a very fun and interesting couple. The husband is a handwriting analyst. Now, being a lover of all things handwriting, typography, calligraphy, lettering, etc., I couldn't wait to meet him and hear about this profession! 

From initially just seeing my signature (of only my first name, Niki), this man knew more about me than most people discover after a year of spending time with me.

One thing he said in particular struck me, and also encouraged me at the same time. He said, "You have a hard time with criticism and when someone says something that's a critique to you, it stays with you for a long time. You're creative, but apprehensive about sharing your art with the world." Uh, why yes, thank you for digging to the depths of my soul in two minutes.

I remember the first time I posted one of my sketches, there was definitely a little anxiety about "sharing my art with the world". But I am so grateful that I did. While my motivation is not the approval of others, people were so encouraging and also blessed by it, which meant the world to me. 

This sketch was done while in Slovenia last year when I was particularly moved by this hymn (PAGE CXVI style and the original). What a powerful truth that it is sweet to trust in Jesus! His faithfulness and trustworthiness leave me in awe every day. 

As I reflect on my life, I'm amazed at how the Lord has proven this to be true, over and over again. When I'm confident in my own plans over God's, I'm humbled when His way inevitably wins out. When I can't imagine letting go of control and leaving it in His hands, I haven't once been disappointed at the result–He is faithful to do what is in my best interest, even when I don't understand or see the whole picture. 

Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus. Oh how precious He is indeed.