Do you ever have those moments where you say something and just think you're hilarious? Even if no one else is laughing, you are just cracking yourself up. Well that's how I felt when I came up with the name "FroDough". While supposed to be a spin on Frodo from Lord of the Rings, it has no other relevance except that it's pronounced the same.

When you love baking and love to eat sweets, it can become a dangerous combination. My husband often says, "I haven't met many cookies I don't like." And, in general, I tend to echo that statement.

There's something about those chewy, crispy, warm and gooey little discs that just bring a smile to your face.

Some recipes make a TON of cookies and when there's only two of you, it's totally possible to devour them all wise to not bake all of them. It's fun to bake extra and give some away, but that may not always be an option.

Rather than gorging on cookies or worse, throwing them away, try this out next time you whip up a batch!

Scoop dough onto cookie sheet as if you were going to bake (can place much closer together since they won't be cooking). Stick in the freezer on the cookie sheet for about 30 minutes. Remove from the freezer and place the balls of cookie dough into a Ziploc bag or airtight container.


This not only helps with portion control, it's also incredibly helpful if you're hosting a large gathering and won't have time the day of the event to bake. Now you're still able to serve homemade, fresh-baked cookies.

When you're ready for a nice warm cookie, just pull out the number of cookies you want to bake, place on baking sheet, pre-heat the oven and bake according to recipe instructions.

I suggest leaving the dough rest on the counter for 15-20 minutes before baking, to bring them to room-temperature.

Bake as usual, may take an extra minute or two. Enjoy!

(Next week my first series will be posted! Three posts about Stewardship + Finances. Check back Monday for the first one.)