Friday 5: Favorite Instagram Letterers


Today I'm launching a new series covering a wide array of topics, Friday 5, that you can expect every week. If there's a 5 you want to know about, comment below.

Instagram is most definitely my go-to social media site. I love being able to see a quick glimpse into a person's day, job, hobby, etc.

As one of my hobbies is hand-lettering, I love checking out what other people in this niche are up to. Here are a few of my favorite hand letterers that I follow on Instagram:

  • Kristen Chow (@hislovecompelsme). Kristen is from Australia and has beautiful lettering she often overlays with photos. She has an Etsy shop where you can order her prints here.
  • Brim Papery (@brimpapery) I stumbled upon Jolie's IG and am thrilled that I did. She lives in Ohio so of course that makes me biased toward her work. But she's legit. And also has a website. (Note: some of her pieces use profanity, which aren't my fav, but she still has great stuff!)
  • Chris Wright (@handletteringco) I love Chris' work. He has a distinct style and does crazy things like wood burning and engraving. His site also has a helpful resources page for fellow letterers looking for good tools of the trade. Oh, and he has free downloads for your iPhone background!
  • Sean McCabe (@seanwes) In addition to lettering, Sean has a podcast that is actually unrelated, often about productivity. Soon he's launching a hand lettering workshop and I can't wait! Check out his site.
  • Valerie McKeehan (@valeriemckeehan) Last but not least is Valerie of Lily and Val. Her work is primarily chalk lettering and she has a shop filled with awesome chalk creations. You may have seen her work as it's available in retail stores like Barnes and Noble. Fun products on her site!
All photos are the artists' originals, both the artwork and photography. Shown in order of how I listed them, starting at the top left.

Who are some of your favorite IGers or hand letterers?