Truth + Lies


Icebreakers. Oh what a pendulum from fun and interactive to mostly awkward and painful. The game "Two Truths + a Lie" swings to the latter side for me. I am just not a fan. In spite of my heavy dislike for the game, there's the common underlying theme of trying to determine what is true.

In life, it can be easy to decide what's true based on our feelings that day, circumstances surrounding us, or simply just what we want to be true. But that doesn't actually change the truth.

In my relationship with God, I can all too easily believe lies about who He is or who I am.

 "They exchanged the truth about God for a lie…" (Romans 1:25a)

How true this can be of me on any given day. What I sometimes think about God is:

If I'm suffering, You don't see. 
If I'm praying, You don't hear.
If I'm sinning, You don't know.

Or I can run to other things, thinking:

God can't fulfill me like _____ can.
God isn't as fun as _____.
God's plans aren't as great as mine. 

For you, exchanging the truth for a lie about God could mean feeling like everything in your life is falling apart and God doesn't care. Or maybe you've been on your knees in prayer for years for that family member or child to know Jesus, and it seems like nothing is happening. Or it may mean finances are tight and you're wondering where your next meal will come from, struggling to understand why God isn't providing.

And this post is by no means an attempt to answer those doubts or questions for you. But I do believe it's ok to be honest with the Lord, to have questions and wrestle through the tough stuff. However, our changing emotions can't be compared with God's everlasting consistency.

If I offered you an all-expenses paid trip to Greece for one week, and you, in exchange, offered me a popsicle, well I'd be slightly less than thrilled about that swap.

Exchanging the truth of who God is for a lie is an even worse deal. 

Regardless of my feelings at any moment,

God is trustworthy | Psalm 9:10
He is good | Psalm 34:8
He is faithful | Psalm 100:5
He knows me better than I know myself | Psalm 139
He is dependable, reliable | Deuteronomy 31:8
He never changes | Hebrews 13:8

Even when I do.

Don't just settle into a rut of sadness, go to bat for your relationship with God. Believe that the Bible, His Word, is true and the supreme authority over a hard season in life (and just life in general).

Choose to build your life on His Book, instead of interpreting that Book by your life.

How are you tempted to believe a lie over the truth about God? What situations cause you to doubt His trustworthiness?