Desk Redesign


It's funny how when you're married you continually adapt what you like to do as a couple, finding new hobbies and activities together… and also ones you just can't do together.

For example, Jordan + me + crafts is not our best situation. Things just get tense, there's high stress and emotion for whatever reason (the paper ripped, the ribbon is knotted, the paint is running). So we decided that it's ok we're not the crafty couple and we'll leave that to others.

A crafty project I recently embarked on (individually) is revamping a desk! I was generously given this little gem by one of my sweet former high school teachers (Thanks, Mrs. Drake!) and couldn't wait to get started on it.

The desk was in decent shape, needing a paint job, hardware re-finish and drawer liners. Jordan did graciously help out with the desk, putting those muscles to work to sand off the former layers of paint. Thanks, babe =)

After two coats, I was satisfied with the result. No priming was needed since it was already white. I painted it a slightly lighter shade of white and it was good to go within a day.

I wanted to get new hardware but because the current handles created three holes, I decided it was too much work to fill the holes and go through all of that. Since I had nothing to lose, I chose to spray paint what came with the desk and see how it turned out. I've been on a gold-accent kick so I bought this spray paint from Wal-Mart and gave it a few coats. Not a dramatic difference, but I like it.

Lastly, the drawers had some wood sticking up on the inside so liners were necessary. I shopped around, in stores and online, to no avail. Then I saw someone found a large role of drawer liner at Target, and I was in the car ASAP.

Oh, Target, how are you so magical? I snagged this role for $6, lined all six drawers, and have TONS left. The whole white, black and gold look really tickled my fancy (guess that kinda carried over to the blog design, eh?)

I'm totally not a pro-painter, DIY-er or anything of the sort, but this was so fun! Jordan kindly giggles whenever I bring a new desk/shelf accessory home, asking when it'll be complete. I have a vision for my little nook in the world and am content to patiently let it unfold.

The shelf was also given to me by my former teacher, what a saint! It perfectly accents the desk. A small globe is on my wish-list for the shelf. I've also been brainstorming ideas for the white space between the desk and shelf–I'd love some kind of creative corkboard idea.

Any suggestions for what to do with that space? What things would you add to your desk?


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