Packing Pro Tip

One of my least favorite things about traveling is packing. So much effort goes in to all the little details of remembering what to bring–making sure you bring enough to have options but not over-packing and making your luggage too heavy.

We travel a pretty good amount for work, and typically for longer periods of time than a weekend. In the last few months I've adapted a new habit that's made it easier for me when deciding what clothes to bring.

First, I look at the weather forecast for my destination–highs, lows, precipitation, etc. I'll pull out various tops, pants, and sweaters. Will I need something dressy? Is it going to be chillier at night? Select items accordingly.

Nothing revolutionary there. But what I now started doing is placing a whole outfit together on my bed while packing–the top, bottoms, accessories–and then take a picture of the outfit. I'll then throw text over it that says which day of the trip I plan to wear what.

You may be thinking, "Niki, that takes too much extra time. How do I know what I'll want to wear every day? Will this make any difference?"

I hear you. I often don't like to have outfits pre-planned but what I love about this tip is that it ensures everything I'm bringing is necessary. I will add in 2-3 extra shirts for options in case I'm not particularly feeling what I originally planned for a day. This also saves me the time of trying to put an outfit together each morning and wondering what I should pair it with.

There's a lot of traveling pro-tips I've learned over the years. This one I randomly thought of and it has been so helpful to me!

What is your best tip for packing or traveling?