Friday 5: iPhone Apps

I'm a frequent user of social media apps, but I wanted this list to be a little more diversified. These aren't apps that come stock on your phone and I can only talk about them as an iPhone user. Each of these I use weekly and they help me be more productive, organized, and well-budgeted.

My husband has written a post on three out of the five of these apps, so I link to those below to give you a better picture of their awesomeness.

  1. Grocery iQ (free)
    • This one is so frequently used and helpful it has its own post. This is my go-to for grocery shopping that helps me stay on budget and track my expenses as I go. Oddly enough, it only gets a 3.5 star review on iTunes, but it does exactly what I want a grocery app to do–has the ability to make separate lists, add the cost for each item while in the store, and track your favorite purchases. 
    • I also use it as a running list during the week when I'm out of an ingredient and need to remember it once at the store. 
  2. Evernote (free)
    • A great way to categorize all of your notes into individual notebooks. I have a general, reading, blog, and work notebook. Within each notebook are multiple notes. In my blog notebook, for example, I clip images of designs and typography for inspiration. Then when I'm in the mood to do some designing I'll look through it for ideas. The desktop app is also available for free, and they sync together well.
    • Read Jordan's in-depth post about Evernote.
  3. 1Password ($8.99, price varies)
    • While this is a pricier app, it is such a worthwhile investment to ensure security for your passwords, user names and payment information. By coming up with one password (hence the title) you then unlock a vault where all your log-in info is stored. It also generates difficult passwords for you to update all your info and holds them secure. The desktop app is essential if using the iPhone app.
    • Read Jordan's in-depth post about 1Password.
  4. Mailbox (free)
    • The best email app I've tried yet. The clean, user-friendly interface makes for a pleasant email experience. By the simple swiping of your finger you can archive, delete, add to a list or schedule it to reappear in your inbox at the time of your choosing. One of my favorite parts? Inbox zero. When your email inbox is empty, a beautiful Instagram photo will grace the background of the app. A fun little motivator for us OCD people who like our inbox cleared out each day.
  5. Drafts ($4.99)
    • Way better than that standard notes app that comes installed on your phone. It let's you quickly type up any note, and then give it an action: email to myself, email to Jordan, send to Evernote–you name it. It's initially tricky to set up the actions, but immensely helpful once you have it up and running. And it has a beautiful interface.
    • Read Jordan's in-depth post about Drafts.

What are your favorite iPhone apps?