An Honest Reflection

In three and a half months, Jordan and I will board a plane back to Slovenia where we'll settle in for the next five years. It will be the longest we've ever stayed in one place. Our lives are lived a little on the transient side. 


What all this time of transition has taught me is being really present each moment. I never know when it will happen again. I'm not as tempted to pull my phone out in a quiet moment, to be hurried to get to the next place, to choose tasks over relationships. 

It's a strange experience that I never thought would be a result of our mobile lives. And I'm oddly grateful for it. 

I feel like every family get together, coffee date or trip is a moment I intentionally stop, look around at each person laughing, talking, listening and have more than once been moved to silent tears. How beautiful these little moments of life are. 

It's taught me gratitude when I'm tempted to be grumpy. Peace when I can feel rushed. Contentment when I get antsy. 

Lord, that I would live each day of life this way, in every season, to treasure it. To capitalize on every opportunity and moment. Savoring our present reality of being able to drive down the street and see family or be at every holiday gathering. 

What a gift. And I know there will be new gifts like these in our new home. But right now, I am present.

My husband excels at quickly adapting to wherever we are with whomever we are with. I'm trusting that God will give me enough grace for today, for any challenge set before me.

The closer we get to leaving, the more anxious my heart tends to get. Could I ask you to pray for me, friends? To pray that I'd rest in God's sovereignty and love, and have quality moments with the people in my life these last few months in the US? Thank you!

How can I pray for you this week?