Cravings of a Pregnant Expat

Pregnancy has been a fairly smooth journey for me thus far. As I enter week 13, the nausea has finally lifted and I'm ready for more than buttered noodles and saltine crackers. 

Have I had any cravings, you ask? 

Just for every American restaurant imaginable. Typically when we've been overseas in the past, there aren't many foods I miss. That's in large part because we often cook at home.

But this time, all bets are off. Chipotle, BAM (a local place), Longhorn, Carrabbas, Bonefish Grill, Cheesecake Factory... you name it, I want it. But I think above all, I've most been craving American pizza. Oh goodness, it's almost too hard to write about. 

It's not that the pizza here is all bad, I just miss the insane diversity of the pizza market in the US. Thin and crispy. Deep and cheesy. Browned cheese and pepperoni. Mmm. 

image mine

image mine

So I've been on a hunt to find a recipe that:

  1. Doesn't require crazy ingredients or supplies
  2. Isn't full of unhealthy ingredients
  3. Can be made without spending all day in the kitchen and
  4. Has a thick, crispy crust

Is it possible to strike gold on the first try?

This pizza was so simple to make, browned beautifully on the top and bottom and was nearly an inch thick. (Insert praise-hands emoji here). 

My mother-in-law graciously mailed me a new cast iron skillet for Christmas (not a light thing to ship!) and I have loved trying out new recipes for it. It definitely made a world of a difference in this pizza crust. 

Rebecca from Foodie with Family wins a gold medal in my book for this killer pan pizza. I didn't change a single thing about the recipe, followed her instructions to a tee, so I'm passing along the link to her recipe (with lots of helpful tips and detailed steps). 

The Best Pan Pizza: How, Why and What to Put on it
Makes two 10-12 inch pizzas.

Any favorite homemade pizza recipes you enjoy? Please share!