The Only Decision You'll Never Regret

As one reads the Bible, it's hard to not be stunned by some events that happen or to question why it went a certain way.

Perhaps you're familiar with the story of the wall of Jericho crumbling down. As I read this account again, I was stunned by a few simple observations.

The Premise

Moses has passed away and Joshua is now leading the Israelites. They arrive in Jericho when the Lord delivers a message to Joshua.

God tells him to have his men march around the city of Jericho once each day for six days. On the seventh day, they are to march around the city seven times while blowing their trumpets.

The army would then give a loud shout and the wall surrounding the city of Jericho would collapse, allowing the Israelites to go in and attack.


Initially, it's hard to have a reaction other than what the what?! What a seemingly pointless and strange activity. Couldn't they have done something more beneficial with their time for those six days? That would honor God in a more obvious way?

Did God really need them to march around the city? Couldn't He have just made the wall come crumbling down without the help of the Israelites?

What was the point of this?

What We Learn From the Israelites

These were questions that buzzed around in my head as I read Joshua 6. But after reflecting for a little while, I think there are significant implications from this story for us as followers of Jesus Christ.

First, the Lord told them to do something and the Israelites obeyed without question. While this is certainly not true of the Israelites 100% of the time, here we witness an account of their immediate obedience.

Next, it gave the Israelites a chance to wait upon the Lord, to trust that God would be faithful to do what He promised. Why six days? I don't know. But I've had my own verson of "six day" periods, if you will, that forced to rely on God's trustworthiness and not my ideal timing.

It also showed the Israelites they have a part to play in God's plan, they are not idle pawns in the game of life. God wanted to use them in accomplishing His purposes. Rather than just passively being moved around like robots, the Lord chose to include them in His master plan.

Implications For Our Lives

To be blunt, God does not need us. His plans don't hinge on our obedience, faithfulness or abilities (or lack thereof). The wall of Jericho didn't fall down because the Israelites marched around it. The wall of Jericho fell because the almighty, all-powerful God of the universe made it happen.

The Lord is able to do anything He wants at any time, without our permission or participation.

But what an incredible privilege we're missing out on if we choose not to be a part of His plan.

What an honor to be given the opportunity to partake of God's plans. What higher calling and purpose is there in life than to be all in for Jesus?

Pulling It All Together

My biggest takeaways from this account of Joshua and the Israelites are to:

Obey the Lord quickly.
Trust Him fully.
Participate wholeheartedly.

Don't hesitate to believe God will do what He has said He will do, in His way and in His time. Be all in.

It's the only decision I promise you will never regret–to give your life to Jesus and follow Him.