Friday 5: Go-to Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

Chocolate chip cookies are one of those recipes every baker goes on a quest to find the best of. 

I'm all about creativity in the kitchen and trying out new things. But then there are times when you aren't in the mood for reinventing the wheel and need a solid, go-to CCC recipe. 

You may be thinking, "Who on earth needs five different CCC recipes?" I'll speak for those of us who are indecisive or appreciate change–it's nice to have variety! Some are softer, others a more crispy edge, and others with a special ingredient that sets it apart.

One big shift I've made over the last two years is buying whole dark chocolate bars and chopping them by hand, then using these in lieu of the standard chocolate chips in the bag. It creates a richer flavor and more authentic look and taste to the cookie.

Here are five of my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes, some with a little extra flair (click on the title to link to the recipe):

Secret ingredient chocolate chip cookies by Juste a Taste. The secret ingredient is cream cheese! Although you don't taste it in the actual cookie at all. These make my favorite kind of cookie–soft and gooey on the inside with a crispy edge. I don't modify a single thing in this recipe. They are consistently delicious.

The real secret to these cookies, and all cookie dough for that matter, is refrigerating the dough for at least 24 hours. I've found the ideal time is about three days in the refrigerator and then baking them. It allows all the ingredients to blend and makes a big difference in the end product.

These are souped-up oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (my personal favorite variety of the CCC). Cinnamon is added to the dough and they're topped with sea salt as soon as they come out of the oven. 

While in Slovenia two years ago, this was the staple recipe I always made for our team. They're a big hit and super easy to make. 

We're not talking strawberries or papaya or something strange. By fruit I mean bananas! This recipe is a great way to use those ripe bananas and give your cookies that something extra to set them apart.

It calls for only one banana but I up it to two to add more of the flavor. These banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies hod their shape really well and will be gone very quickly after making them!

The number of definitions for what "healthy" means is broader than the feelings of Lebron's homecoming. I use the term healthy here in the context that you're already making something sweet and planning to indulge a little. This just gives you a better way to do that while not throwing your whole eating plan out the wedding. 

I'm big on whole foods and non-processed foods and most cookie recipes don't meet those requirements. I'm happy to say this recipe does–right down to using coconut oil and pure maple syrup. 

While they have somewhat of that I-can-tell-this-is-healthy-taste, it doesn't overshadow the these-are-mouthwatering-delicious-taste. 

And these are pretty much the opposite of healthy and non-processed (as many of the previous links are) but they are truly the softest cookie I've ever eaten! 

There's a secret ingredient in this recipe as well–instant vanilla pudding mix. I like to make these for parties or get togethers where I need larger quantities but don't wan't to sacrifice flavor (or buy those nasty boxed cookies!).

If you're into the soft, pillowy cookies, these are for you. If you're not (I usually fall in this category) you'll still find yourself reaching for a second, third... helping.

What are your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes? 


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