Friday 5: Favorite Quotes

Hollie's Quotes was this magical website that every middle school girl loved (it still exists today). The tagline of her page fueled the teenage girl's longing to be understood: "Quotes get you through the days you think no one knows what you're going through." It makes me chuckle now but it was my battle cry every day when I was sad over some boy not liking me or a fight with girl friends.

These days I'm still a big fan of quotes, but those of a different nature. The Bible will always be the greatest source for wisdom, encouragement and comfort, but I enjoy pondering the moving thoughts of fellow believers. 

As I compiled this list, I was inspired, motivated, challenged and comforted. There's no real theme to the quotes I selected, other than being pointed to Jesus.

The love of the Savior is so amazing. The plan He offers for our life is remarkable, although it's not always the easiest route. I'm so thankful for others sharing their wisdom and insight, and I hope you'll feel the same after reading these.

"The gospel tells us we’re more wicked and sinful than we ever dared believe, but in Christ we’re more loved and accepted than we ever dared hope." Timothy Keller

"If you are not praying, then you are quietly confident that time, money, and talent are all you need in life." Paul E. Miller

"[God] never sheds light on our weaknesses or short comings for the sake of condemnation. He makes us aware of hindrances so He can set us free." Beth Moore

"Everything we say needs to be true, but not everything that is true needs to be said." Craig Groeschel

I'll end with a lengthier piece of a sermon from David Platt on using the word "radical." It is challenging and uncomfortable, but what many of us as Christians (myself included) need to hear:

I want to be clear: using this word is not intended to distinguish radical Christianity from some other brand of Christianity. It’s intended to show that biblical Christianity–true, authentic Christianity–is inevitably radical Christianity. For you and for anyone in this room to come to Jesus means to lay down your life and your possessions and your pursuits and your family and your future–your everything–to surrender to him. Jesus never calls a person to partial, casual discipleship… cultural discipleship. There’s one option: radical discipleship. It’s the surrender of everything you have and everything you are to Jesus.

”So to every Christian in this room, to every follower of Christ, you have surrendered the right to determine the direction of your life. You do not determine where you live. You do not determine how you live. You do not determine how you spend your money. You have relinquished that right. He determines all of these things. Your role, and my role, is not to consider what he says and then decide what we think about it. Your role, and my role, is to listen and obey. He’s Lord.

What are some of your favorite quotes?