Friday 5: Recent Links

1. The Rest of God

A little less of a link I've found, but an amazing resource I've been reading this summer. For us westerners who are driven by the clock and managing our time, this will set your soul free to rest in Jesus. 

Buchanan is an amazing author who writes in a way that moves you and causes your heart to long for rest with God.

By Mark Buchanan

2. Tim Challie's article on sleepovers caused quite a debate in the social media world this week. The title of his post is "Why My Family Doesn't Do Sleepovers." It's an intriguing, and controversial, thought, in a world (at least in the USA) where slumber parties are the norm and expectation for kids growing up. An important convo for parents to have and Challie's provides a great launching point for this discussion.

3. Another controversial piece was on the often heated topic of modesty, "Poolside Purity & Bikini Battles."

I'm not intending to start a discussion or debate here, I just appreciated this man's perspective and that he actually lays out what he thinks, rather than just hinting at principles. Whether I agree or not, it was a good addition to the plethora of conversations on this subject. 

4. There is a lot of material out there on how to have a "quiet time," and a lot of opinions on what they even means or should look like. 

Megan Hill shares three reasons why we should study the Bible and pray as a daily, dedicated event, in rebuttal to an article saying we just "experience fellowship" with God throughout the day.

"In Praise of the Quiet Time" is an interesting read for Christians to further hone what your persuasions and practices are on spending intentional time with God. 

5. In going with that, this image came across my Twitter feed and sums up the idea in Hill's post. I am prone to wander, not to move toward the Father.