Friday 5: Reasons You Should Start Listening to Podcasts

Growing up I was a big TV fan. What kid wasn't? Who didn't love running home after school to watch the awesome shows on Fox Family (later ABC Family) like Two of Kind with the Olsen twins or Boy Meets World. Quality TV days, friends. 

My television consumption is significantly less now and we don't even have cable. Gasp! But with services like Netflix, we haven't missed it at all. Ok, I miss Food Network at times, but that's not worth the cost of cable every month. 

A new medium that I've really gotten into over the last year is podcasts. Podcasts are audio recordings on darn near every subject you can imagine. It's like talk radio but more tailored to what you specifically want.

Podcasts are gaining in popularity and if you're not already familiar with them, I think you could really get into them. So I found it appropriate to share five reasons why you should start listening to podcasts:

1. Convenience

Unlike radio or the days before TiVo, you can listen to podcasts any time that's convenient for you. Whether you have 15 minutes while driving in the car or a long road trip out west, you can pause what you're listening to and pick it right back up.

2. Passive Learning

Maybe you're cooking, washing the dishes or on a walk through the neighborhood–listening to podcasts is easy while doing something else. Not everything can you do and simultaneously listen (like talking on the phone), but podcasts create a possibility for "healthy multi-tasking."

Doing the chores or tasks that are otherwise mindless, this provides a way to grow and learn to make the most of those situations.

3. Deeper content than blogs

In a world where anyone can hop on their computer and create a website with practically no barrier to entry, podcasting sets the bar a little higher. There's more equipment and work that goes into a podcast than your typical blog. 

And you get the bonus of hearing their voice while they talk through their passions or experiences–it's the difference between getting a letter from someone or sitting down over coffee face-to-face. While I'm a big fan of written medium, there's a depth that comes from hearing it straight from the horse's mouth, if you will. 

I'll admit it does take a little more effort to find quality podcasts and to decide if you like listening to them, but it's well worth it when you find some you like.

4. It's free

Anything through the iTunes podcast store is, which is pretty much every podcast you can imagine. On your iPhone you can download (for free) the Podcasts app and start searching away and subscribing to anything that sounds interesting to you. (Android users, here are some app options for you as well.)

Free, customized entertainment at no cost–sounds like a good deal.

5. Because we started one 

Now that I've thoroughly convinced you why it's worth listening to podcasts, here's where you can get started! 

Recently, Jordan and I started our own show called The Unpacked Podcast. It's a conversation to start conversations on various topics. We've released two episodes so far and this coming Wednesday the third one will be available.

If you enjoy reading our blogs, or even if not, we hope you'll check out Unpacked and join us in our new adventure. 

I shared before five other podcasts that I fancy and they're a good starting place if you're interested.

Have I convinced you to start listening? Go check out the iTunes store and get started today!