Friday 5: Things You Shouldn't Do This Summer

I was born a summer baby. July of '88 this 8 pound 13 ounce child was born (what a tank!).

Summer has always been my favorite season. As I get older I truly appreciate all the seasons–yes, even winter. That "summer feeling" you have as a kid starts to change since, ya know, we still have jobs and a life that need maintained.

This summer we have a training for work in Colorado and are loving it here! It's been years since I've been to CO. Although I wouldn't deem myself an "outdoorsy" gal per-say (my idea of camping is a hotel, or a really nice motorhome–don't judge me), I do love being outside and the scenery in this fine state is breathtaking.

Photo courtesy of Gratisography

Photo courtesy of Gratisography

In light of the summery days upon us (except for my sis in Australia now entering winter), here are five things you shouldn't do this summer: 

1. Get sunburnt

Back in the day, I used to go to a tanning bed several times a week, lay out in the summer with baby oil and get as dark as a white girl can. Yikes. It sickens me to think of how vain I was, desperately seeking a tan that would compliment the shine of my braces. 

While a little color isn't bad, scorching the largest organ of your body is.

Put on some SPF, rock a sweet fedora and rotate between the sun and shade. Any teenage girls thinking I'm insane right now, I get it, I've been there. But I promise you'll regret trashing your skin when you're older. 

2. Instagram every moment

Be with who you're with when you're with them. Social media is an incredible gift but in our culture and generation, we let it easily consume us.

Take pictures when you're out with your friends and family, but don't feel the need to include the rest of the world on your every waking moment. Be present. (And feel free to listen to our latest podcast episode on this very topic.)

3. Always be on your phone

In addition to the above, don't be so consumed with reading that article or watching that video that you choose doing so over having fun or talking with real-live human beings. 

The information available to us is amazing, but save it for time when you're on your own. And honestly by that point you'll probably forget about it and see that it wasn't the most urgent thing on the planet. 

4. Stay inside

Like I said, I'm no camper but I do love breathing in that fresh air. Going on a walk, sitting on the deck, having a bonfire–just get out there! 

5. Complain about how hot it is

Ok mid-westerners, we're the worst at this. All winter long we complain of the snow (and polar vortexes). We flood Facebook news feeds with our qualms about this icy precipitation, the annoyance of scraping our windshields and how not fun it is to bundle up in a million layers.

I've lived in Ohio for the majority of my life–I hear you.

But those of us trudging through months of cold flurries should especially take this to heart. We're never content, one way or the other–it's too hot or too cold.

Unless you live in San Diego, you're probably experiencing one weather extreme or the other, either consistently or seasonally.

So just embrace where you're at, stop swearing you're moving to Florida and let the sweat that the sun ensues cause you to be grateful we're not in negative temperatures!

Woo! With that rant, go enjoy your summer! Soak it up and make awesome memories with your framily. Yes, your friends and your family.