Meal Planning Notepad

What is it about paper goods and office supplies that just bring a sense of satisfaction to us type-A personalities? Making lists, checking off lists, writing with new pens on fun paper, it's just the best! Yikes–the geek in me is really shining through today. 

I've talked before about the avid fan of meal planning that I am. Previously I had made a digital meal planning template that I used, but found it wasn't what I was looking for, nor as visually appealing as I wanted.

So to work I went with my sketchbook. And came up with this little gem. I ordered it through Zazzle and they make it easy to provide a way for others to order your product. Voila!

Meal Planning Notepad | via Frame of Reference

After trial and error, I decided I only like having the dinner meal specifically planned out–lunch is usually leftovers or some yogurt and granola. For breakfast we have a few staples we rotate through or I bake something, and I typically have all those things on hand. 

I start with the "Ideas" column as I'm browsing Pinterest and cookbooks. When a recipe sounds good, I'll write it here. Fill in any eating out plans you have for that week–i.e. date night, out with friends, etc. 

Then, once I've come up with at least five meals that sound good, I'll fill them in around the other things scheduled for that week, trying to spread out similar ingredients–i.e., chicken Monday, beef Tuesday, etc.

The "Snickities" column is pretty self-explanatory–snacks I want to make to munch on throughout the week. Things like hummus, granola, or cookies.

Lastly, the "Buy" column is to write down what ingredients you need to purchase. An important note: I use the GroceryiQ app for grocery shopping and don't take this actual list to the store with me. That's why it's not sorted into sections, because I just add everything in the buy column to the app and it sorts it for me. Keeps me on-budget and organized.

Here it is for your ordering pleasure–40 sheets of 8.5x11 meal planning tear-off pages. Enjoy!

Meal Planning Notepad | via Frame of Reference