The start of a new year would often turn me into an overly ambitious person. Trying to re-do every aspect of my life, making lofty and unrealistic goals, and promising that this would be the year of following through. 

The last two years I've taken a different approach, prompted by my genius husband. I take more time to reflect intentionally on the previous year and choose an overarching theme for the upcoming year, with two-three main objectives. 

One aim for 2016 is to more regularly and strategically memorize the Bible. This article (specifically the first eight points) is what really highlighted for me the need to meditate on Scripture through memorization. After talking with Jordan we decided this would be a helpful thing to do together.

On Sunday we choose a new verse for the week, usually from something one of us read the previous week, make a lock screen for our phones and then memorize it.

Sometimes we stay with one verse for two weeks if we didn't make the time to learn it, as the goal is to actually commit Scripture to memory, not just say we did.

Here are the verses we've done so far. (Click here to access them individually and download to use as a lockscreen on your phone, or simply hold down on the image below and save.)