My Euro Life | Intro

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My feet touched the ground in Ljubljana, Slovenia just over a month ago now. Our team of 10 arrived safely and it’s been an easier adjustment than I ever could have hoped for.  There are moments I’m sitting in a café, sipping on a bela kava (re: coffee with milk) and forget that I’m actually 4,000+ miles from home. All in all, life here is fairly similar to what it was in the States. But then those differences pop up that make me stop and either: a) laugh b) get frustrated or c) a combination of the two. 

A bigger adjustment, for example, has been grocery shopping. In the States I truly LOVED to get groceries. From the drive there listening to music, to the fun of finding new ingredients and fresh foods, it was a life-giving experience for me. Here, however, I have to say it’s more of a refining process than fun one. 

 Meet my two best friends for the adventure: 


Gimi, (pronounced "gimme") as I lovingly call him, helps me get from the local Mercator (store) to home in one piece. An added bonus for him, it allows my hubs to not go. My first trip to the store I forgot that whatever I bought was going to carry out--not to the car, but to the public bus where I’d continue to hold them for the ride home. I broke down in tears, dramatically throwing the bags on the ground when I got home totally held it together. 

Then there’s the other new dimension of language. We are taking Slovene language classes and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Fluency, however, isn’t exactly what I’d call my current status. So when I’m looking for flour, laundry detergent and ground turkey, the Google Translate app comes in quite handy. Albeit prolonging the process.

But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love living here and feel so blessed that my hubs and I get to experience this adventure together. 

I can’t tell you what happens after our year here--whether we'll continue ministry in the US, move overseas long-term or do something else all together. But I honestly feel content not knowing. My life is in the best hands possible, and I know my God will continue to direct and lead me where He wants.