Wedding Registry Favs

Eight. Eight is the number of weddings the hubs and I have been invited two in the next couple of months. Two of those I am a bridesmaid in--on the same weekend, four hours apart! Wedding season is rapidly approaching, and I absolutely love it.  Oh how I remember this time in my life last year--a chaotic, beautiful mess. Jay and I were both finishing up school to graduate (he was writing a thesis, no less), we had begun support raising for Cru, and we were planning a wedding 2.5 hours away from home in in our short 4.5 months of engagement.

One of the most fun parts of the wedding process was completing our registry. Yes, even my hubby enjoyed it! I think we're an anomaly, however, as I've talked with other friends who weren't so fond of it.

During our spring break, we hit up the nearest Bed, Bath + Beyond and went to town with that scanner. [Side note: BBB had the BEST customer service I experienced throughout the whole wedding process. They went above and beyond in helping us! Every department we went in, someone was there to provide valuable input.]

After registering in about two and a half hours, we did some research on product reviews to ensure we were getting the best quality. I'm so glad we did this because we ended up switching out a number of things.

So here's my list of our wedding items I am glad we did, wish we hadn't, + wish we would've registered for.

Glad we did:

  1. A registry afterthought gifted to me that's been an essential tool in baking. I use it for cookies, putting batter into muffin tins, and our favorite new power bites recipe (will post soon!)
  2. My mom-in-law inspired this pot-less coffee maker and we LOVE it! There's never a pot to empty or clean. We use our kitchen sink's hose to fill it with water, then just place a mug underneath and press the lever. Regular drip-coffee maker, auto-on timer, holds 12 cups.
  3. For coffee connoisseurs, a bean grinder is clutch. The burr grinder is my favorite, putting the grinds into a removable container, making it easy to scoop out. Grinds from fine (espresso) to coarse.
  4. Grill year round with this pan! Such a worthwhile investment. Not having a grill, it gives food those coveted grill lines. It's also ovenproof so you can roast/bake your food or rock it on the stovetop.
  5. Ok, I know a lot of people are wary of spending $500 on a vacuum, I was too. It seems to be one of those products people have horror stories about--"Oh man, I spent $200 on one and it broke weeks later. It clogged up, customer service was crap, etc." We were blessed with more than enough gift cards to purchase our Dyson and it has been well worth it. Never any replacement filters to buy or bags to replace.
  6. So thankful to my grandpa's wife for gifting these at my bridal shower! The angle inside is lined with the measurements--so when you're pouring in liquids, you no longer have to crouch down and look from the side. It's genius.
  7. Good food storage containers are an important kitchen staple. These are firm, BPA free and stack neatly inside the cupboard, click-together lids. I have the red ones... my favorite color =)
  8. This seems random, I know. But the double-sided shower ring was foreign to me. It makes it SO easy to slip my cloth shower curtain off to wash, and also to change the inner-lining when it's time--you don't have to take one off to get the other or mess around with weird latches in the hooks.
  9. The dishes were another product BBB informed us of. For dishware, being oven-microwave- and dishwasher-safe is vital for durability. We got the yellow ones, which have unfortunately been discontinued =( but they have other great colors and are comparably cheaper from other brands.
  10. What homemaker (or anyone wanting an easy meal) doesn't love a good slow cooker? This one is touch screen, with a low, high, and warm setting. I can set it for the amount of time needed and it automatically warms it until I come home and shut it off. I love to line mine with Reynold's slow cooker liners to make clean up a breeze!

Even with all of our research, it's hard to know exactly what you'll need. Here's the other two much shorter lists.

Wish we would have:

  1. Kitchen aid mixer (why not at least try to register for it?)
  2. Larger Brita (small one only fills about two glasses)
  3. Larger food processor
  4. Silpat (SUCH an amazing invention. On the wish list!)

Wish we wouldn't have: [all these (and others not-listed) have one thing in common... they rust]

  1. metal dish rack
  2. shower rack

Any favorite products you'd have on your list? Or dislike any of the ones on mine?