When the Buzz Wears Off

January 1st marks a new beginning. And with it often comes the feelings of a fresh start, a clean slate. To be better this year, to hit the gym, kick the habit, or finally start that project. Such great intentions and enthusiasm we start off with. Yet, if you’ve been to a fitness center in January and then gone again two months later, you’ve likely noticed a few more open treadmills. NYE rolls around again and with it we promise that the coming year will bring change.

As I was in Indianapolis ringing in the New Year with over 2,000 college students at Cru’s annual Christmas Conference, the passion and excitement in the room was overwhelming. 11:59 hit and we soon started the 10-second countdown to 2012, when we’d worship and pray together to thank God for all He did in 2011 and all we’re believing for in 2012.

While the New Year’s buzz wears off quickly, there’s good news for all who seek that “fresh start” throughout the year. On our own, we undoubtedly fail to live up to these expectations and standards that either we have set or let the world set for us. But there’s a way to have your slate wiped clean, your shortcomings cleared… whenever you want it.

We have all messed up, all failed (often times miserably) to reach perfection. But there’s Someone who loves you. Who gave all He had for YOU… so that you could experience a fulfillment and satisfaction you otherwise never could have.

You don’t have to wait until January 1st. God promises that His “mercies are new every morning.” Make this your first resolution: to stop trying to do it on your own and respond to the invitation from The One who longs to wipe away your shame, guilt and pain. Jesus wants you to come to him.

Are you ready for a new beginning?