My Euro Life | Nesting

Nesting. The urge women get to make a house a home; well, that's my personal definition. Since Jordan and I got married, we have lived in four different houses. If you're keeping track, we've been married just over 1.5 years. So while we've mastered the whole moving thing, I haven't been able to go nuts with nesting. I'm so grateful for the lives God has called us to live and wouldn't change them for anything. Given our current situation (i.e. living in Europe), there are little things I do to make our house homey while moving often. Living internationally forced me to be creative again because a lot of the things we acquired back home didn't come with us.

My Pinterest board is filled with ideas I long to follow through on someday. But for now I'll revel in creativity. Here are some of the things I do to make wherever we're living feel homey:

  • Coffee mugs. We collect them from wherever we travel and truly just enjoy all things coffee. I brought one of my simple yet favorite mugs from the States. Since being here we've added my three all-time faves to our collection, via LJubljana, Prague +
  • Blankets. I just love snuggling up with blankets, and my hubby. I'm usually cold and he's usually hot so I cuddle up next to him with the blanket =) They aren't anything extravagant but they make our black leather couch (which came furnished with the apartment) a warmer place.
  • Christmas decorations. In season, of course. I picked up a few decorations at a nearby Bauhaus for 20 euros. Then we were given a real little tree from a friend! I threw some wrapping paper on an already-hung picture, used an extra white sheet to dress it up and hung the little ornaments our family sent over. It's not fancy, but it made it feel like Christmas, and added some warmth to our living room. Christmas Nook
  • Pictures. Ok, I haven't done the best job with this since living overseas because I don't want to invest in a lot of picture frames. But J and I each made the other something as part of our Christmas gifts and those are now hanging on the wall. There's the classy route of taping some on the fridge as well.
  • Candles. Oh how we love candles. Jordan, in particular, fancies Yankee Candle's French Vanilla (French Niller, in our home). The aroma and lighting from candles make them a quick, easy addition to any room. We brought two from the States and were sent another one. Thanks, Mom =)
  • Baked goods. I love baking, so I always try to have some sort of baked good on hand. After dinner we usually brew some decaf and eat a little snickity. I love these moments. Having food easily available makes it more inviting to be at home because I know there are things to eat or make. Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Brownies
  • Cleaning. I am a fanatic about the house being clean. That doesn't mean it always is, but I try hard to keep it that way. My hubs is a dreamboat the way he helps make this a reality. And embraces my OCDness. Having a clear kitchen counter, freshly laundered bedding and spotless bathroom mirror just make me smile.
  • Hosting. This is the ultimate one for me. I absolutely love to to host people at our home. What's a clean, well-stocked, candle-lit home without people in it? We had the girls on our team over for brunch one morning and I made the table as pretty as possible with what we had on hand. Having people over for dinner, coffee, games, watching a movie, you name it. It's such a joy for J + me to bless people through our home. Girl's Night

What's your favorite way to make your house homey? Any suggestions for what I can do in addition to the list above?