Errands, Opera + Freedom

Preach! Urban Dictionary definition: said to give encouragement to a person dropping mad knowledge. Accurate summation, in my opinion.

I recently wrapped up reading the book of Romans again and it rocked my world.

“Don’t even run little errands that are connected with that old way of life.”

I envision myself mentally hopping in a car and going through a series of actions. Putting on those songs, driving past that place, looking through old pictures, wondering “what if?” and letting my mind get the worst of me.

Little errands I run in my daily routine of life are the things I want to accomplish in order to feel relaxed, freed up and to ultimately move me forward in my goals.

But “running errands” that have to do with my past would get me the exact opposite. I’d be stressed, feel confined and not be fulfilling God’s purpose for my life because I’d be stuck in shoulda-coulda-wouldas.

Instead, I want to throw myself into everything God has for me. To cling to the truth of what Jesus has done for me instead of the lies the devil wants me to believe. At times I foolishly believe that I can manage my sin—that if I innocently do something, that in and of itself might not be a sin, I can stop before it goes too far.

Oh ya and I can dunk a basketball, sing opera, and win a marathon.

Bologna. It’s crap. Christ set me free and I want to throw myself into living in that freedom, not trying to return to slavery. With all the political hoopla surrounding the world, one thing I won’t give my vote to is sin. I have to daily choose not to let it have a say in my decisions, actions or thoughts. And when I slip up more than I’d like to admit occasionally, I own it, confessing it to God and get back in the car, driving forward.

Is there anything from the verse above that stuck out to you? How do you daily avoid giving your vote to sin?