The Most Important Work

Sunday evenings I sit down with my Simplified Planner and write out the upcoming week's appointments, to-dos, and plans.

It clears my mind of all the thoughts, hopes, and goals doing circles in my head when I can just get it down on paper. I tentatively write tasks I aim to do on certain days of the week–to spread them out but also to strive to be intentional. 

"Intentionality" seems like such a buzz word these days. People want to live with more focus, to do things that really matter and not just dwindle life away. And what a great perspective to have! 

I've always been more on the type-A side of personality tests (I'm an ESFJ for you Myers-Brigg's fans) and really enjoy being organized.

One day as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, a friend posted a quote by C.S. Lewis that stuck with me for a couple months.

As I sat having some alone time at a cafe last week, I dusted off my Microns and got to sketching. I need this reminder up daily to remember what is truly important. 

Some days the work of motherhood isn't very glamorous–I'm still in my pajamas by dinner time, I have sweet potatoes relentlessly stuck to my clothes and even my skin from my little girl's lunch, and all that laundry I planned to fold is still piled on the living room floor.

I had full intentions of getting ready for the day, cleaning everything and having dinner in the slow cooker by noon.

But then some days this little person needs extra attention and snuggles from her mama. So I go in, pick her up, and she quickly falls back asleep, snuggled in my arms as we share a blanket. 

It can be easy to feel like you're not getting much done as a mom. But I'm learning to stop measuring how "successful" my day was based on tasks accomplished, and instead on how I relied on Jesus and loved people like he did–starting with my husband and daughter. 

I've never felt more in my "niche," so to speak. Being a mom is precious and humbling, and I am more grateful than I know how to express for this tiny human. Every dirty diaper, piece of clothing spit up on, and task left unfinished is so worth it. 

By God's grace I pray daily I would choose to remember that caring for this sweet girl–shepherding her heart, sharing and modeling the love of Christ with her–is indeed the most important work my husband and I will do.