Curing Clutter

You've been there. 

Searching the house frantically for your wallet or that certain shirt. It's no where to be found. 

Piles accumulating on your desk that result in not knowing where that important document is (or anything for that matter).

The food pantry gets items added to it with each trip to the grocery store. Only to forget what you already have or to discover items have expired.

We all have areas of our lives that are cluttered–closets, bedrooms, offices, cars–and that contributes greatly to our mental clutter as well. With our move to Europe happening in exactly 14 days (!), clearing out the clutter in our house has been happening rather frequently. 

And boy, does it. feel. GREAT. 

Western society tells us that more is better and will lead to happiness and fulfillment. We hold on to things for their sentimental value and before you know it we have acquired 15 years worth of birthday cards. The impact it has on our minds and spiritual life will keep you coming back to get rid of more. 

Do you want to experience the freedom that comes from having less? Are you asking why it even matters? Or where to even begin? 

Join us as we start a conversation on "The Cure for Clutter" over at The Unpacked Podcast.

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What are your methods for decluttering your house? How do you simplify your life?