Special Release: Unpacked Podcast

As I finished out my sophomore year of high school, I decided to try out our school's journalism program. After finishing the general journalism class, I tried my hand at broadcast journalism during my senior year and loved it.

My high school has a pretty legit studio and broadcast program. Ironically, my husband also did broadcast journalism in high school but we laugh when we compare our experiences–he said his "studio" was basically in a closet.

Regardless, we both went into college wanting to pursue a broadcast career. If you know us, you'll know that we now work with a Christian ministry to college students, so in a sense I guess you could say we are "broadcasting" a different message. 

The Announcement

We've each had a blog for a few years now and decided to try our hand at a new medium: podcasting! Jordan and I are both big fans of listening to podcasts and set out to create a podcast that we would want to listen to.

The Unpacked Podcast is a place where we share information, experiences and thoughts on various topics from a Christian perspective. One might say we're "unpacking" an idea. Not everything we discuss is directly spiritual, but we'll always filter things through that lens. 

Why Listen?

Our hope is that it would be a conversation to start conversations–that you'd take what you hear and talk through it with the people in your life. Jordan and I really value having intentional and deep conversations, and this podcast has been a great way for us to do that with each other.

We're releasing two episodes today. Episode 0 – Why Start a Podcast explains just that and what you can expect from it. And then Episode 1 – The B Word: Budgeting.

What to Expect

To start, we'll release two episodes per month, on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. With our current schedule in preparing to move overseas, that's the most we can manage but we hope to increase the frequency in the future.

If you like our show, we'd be so grateful if you would rate our podcast in iTunes, because that's how other people can find us. 

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Thanks for reading our blogs–we hope you enjoy our podcast and we look forward to hearing your feedback!