What We Need Most

This is basically my anthem / battle cry / motto of every day. And on days I forget this, I'm reminded all the more how true it is. 

We have lived overseas for 1.5 years consecutively now (2.5 years total). At times I can't believe it's gone so quickly. But on the other hand, there are moments when being with friends and family in the States feels like much longer ago. 

Many times I've had people say to me, "I can't imagine doing what you're doing! I'd never be able to do that." And in differing circumstances I've been the one to say that to someone else.

But to be honest, yes. You could do this. I could do that. If it's what God has in store for us, he will give us the grace to do it.

You're right, you can't imagine being in my shoes right now, because God has you in your own shoes for a reason! And the season of life you're in has its own unique blessings and struggles. 

We've had friends in the US who have moved to another city or state, further from their families. When they've shared their sadness with us, it's often followed up with a comment such as, "But I shouldn't even be saying this to you, you live so much further from your families!" I'm quick to affirm them that their reality IS a big deal and their sadness is entirely legitimate. 

This isn't a comparison game of who (seemingly) is giving up more or making the bigger sacrifice. We are all called to our own paths with God, and he will require us to give up things in different ways. But the weight of the cost isn't lessened by holding it up against someone else's. 



During our time in Slovenia, I've experienced a dependence on God and his grace in ways I never have before. Many moments that I thought about beforehand (i.e. having a baby overseas) sounded overwhelming, unfathomable, and quite honestly undesirable. 

But as I came face-to-face with these seemingly insurmountable realities, God met with me. That may sound weird and I don't mean it in a way like I heard an audible voice.

But I experienced him providing grace in the exact moment I needed it. Not too early and not too late. It was a very tangible sense of his presence going before me and walking beside me. 

Not only did I simply endure these moments, but I actually experienced joy in them. That, friends, is only explainable by the sheer grace of God. 

So if you're in a time of life where what lies ahead leaves you anxious or fearful, remember your deep need for Jesus. That he alone can meet you in those times and provide exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. Because he knows what you need even if you aren't entirely sure yourself what that is.